• on January 8, 2021

The Republicans who tried to overturn the election

Members of the House

Representative Aderholt, Robert B.
Representative Allen, Rick W.
Representative Arrington, Jodey C.
Representative Babin, Brian
Representative Baird, James R.
Representative Banks, Jim
Representative Bentz, Cliff
Representative Bergman, Jack
Representative Bice, Stephanie I.
Representative Biggs, Andy
Representative Bishop, Dan
Representative Boebert, Lauren
Representative Bost, Mike
Representative Brooks, Mo
Representative Budd, Ted
Representative Burchett, Tim
Representative Burgess, Michael C.
Representative Calvert, Ken
Representative Cammack, Kat
Representative Carl, Jerry L.
Representative Carter, Earl L. “Buddy”
Representative Carter, John R.
Representative Cawthorn, Madison
Representative Chabot, Steve
Representative Cline, Ben
Representative Cloud, Michael
Representative Clyde, Andrew S.
Representative Cole, Tom
Representative Comer, James
Representative Crawford, Eric A. “Rick”
Representative Davidson, Warren
Representative DesJarlais, Scott
Representative Diaz-Balart, Mario
Representative Donalds, Byron
Representative Duncan, Jeff
Representative Dunn, Neal P.
Representative Estes, Ron
Representative Fallon, Pat
Representative Fischbach, Michelle
Representative Fitzgerald, Scott
Representative Fleischmann, Charles J. “Chuck”
Representative Foxx, Virginia
Representative Franklin, C. Scott
Representative Fulcher, Russ
Representative Gaetz, Matt
Representative Garcia, Mike
Representative Gibbs, Bob
Representative Gohmert, Louie
Representative Good, Bob
Representative Gooden, Lance
Representative Gosar, Paul A.
Representative Graves, Sam
Representative Green, Mark E.
Representative Greene, Marjorie Taylor
Representative Griffith, H. Morgan
Representative Guest, Michael
Representative Hagedorn, Jim
Representative Harris, Andy
Representative Harshbarger, Diana
Representative Hartzler, Vicky
Representative Hern, Kevin
Representative Herrell, Yvette
Representative Herrera Beutler, Jaime
Representative Hice, Jody B.
Representative Higgins, Clay
Representative Hudson, Richard
Representative Issa, Darrell E.
Representative Jackson, Ronny
Representative Jacobs, Chris
Representative Johnson, Bill
Representative Johnson, Mike
Representative Jordan, Jim
Representative Joyce, David P.
Representative Joyce, John
Representative Keller, Fred
Representative Kelly, Mike
Representative Kelly, Trent
Representative Kustoff, David
Representative LaMalfa, Doug
Representative Lamborn, Doug
Representative Lesko, Debbie
Representative Long, Billy
Representative Loudermilk, Barry
Representative Lucas, Frank D.
Representative Luetkemeyer, Blaine
Representative Malliotakis, Nicole
Representative Mann, Tracey
Representative Mast, Brian J.
Representative McCarthy, Kevin
Representative McClain, Lisa C.
Representative Meuser, Daniel
Representative Miller, Carol D.
Representative Miller, Mary E.
Representative Mooney, Alexander X.
Representative Moore, Barry
Representative Mullin, Markwayne
Representative Murphy, Gregory
Representative Nehls, Troy E.
Representative Norman, Ralph
Representative Nunes, Devin
Representative Obernolte, Jay
Representative Owens, Burgess
Representative Palazzo, Steven M.
Representative Palmer, Gary J.
Representative Pence, Greg
Representative Perry, Scott
Representative Pfluger, August
Representative Posey, Bill
Representative Reschenthaler, Guy
Representative Rice, Tom
Representative Rogers, Harold
Representative Rogers, Mike D.
Representative Rose, John W.
Representative Rosendale Sr., Matthew M.
Representative Rouzer, David
Representative Rutherford, John H.
Representative Scalise, Steve
Representative Schweikert, David
Representative Sessions, Pete
Representative Smith, Adrian
Representative Smith, Jason
Representative Smucker, Lloyd
Representative Stefanik, Elise M.
Representative Steube, W. Gregory
Representative Stewart, Chris
Representative Thompson, Glenn
Representative Tiffany, Thomas P.
Representative Timmons, William R. IV
Representative Van Drew, Jefferson
Representative Van Duyne, Beth
Representative Walberg, Tim
Representative Walorski, Jackie
Representative Waltz, Michael
Representative Weber, Randy K., Sr.
Representative Webster, Daniel
Representative Williams, Roger
Representative Wilson, Joe
Representative Wittman, Robert J.
Representative Wright, Ron
Representative Zeldin, Lee M.

Members of the Senate

Senator Ted Cruz
Senator Josh Hawley
Senator John Kennedy
Senator Cynthia Lummins
Senator Roger Marshall
Senator Rick Scott
Senator Tommy Tuberville
Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith

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