• on March 14, 2019

The Senate stands up to Trump’s power grab

Just now, the Senate voted to rein in the president’s wanton abuse of power by voting to block his dangerous, false ‘emergency’ declaration. The decision was a welcome bright spot in a Senate that is often all too happy to give up their power and authority to help a president with no respect for the law or our Constitution. Was this emergency power grab finally a step too far?

While far too few GOP Senators were willing to stand up to the president, enough did to send a powerful message. Their courage was no doubt bolstered by the thousands of meetings, calls, and emails they received from the Stand Up Republic community demanding they put the country over the political whims of the president. In short, this never would have been possible without you.

Round one is a victory for America and our Constitution, but this fight is far from over.

We already know that the president will veto this resolution in order to protect his ever expanding grip on power and control, so we can’t let up. We must make sure that every member of Congress, House and Senate, hears our voices and understands our message.

This is a republic, not a monarchy!

That’s why I’m asking you to take three critical actions as soon as you can:

1: Call Congress again. Whether your Senators and Representative voted for the resolution or not, they need to hear from you. Those who stood up to the president’s dangerous power grab need to know that we appreciate them taking a stand, and expect them to do so again. Those who didn’t need to know they have one more chance to do right by the American people and the constitution, by voting to override Trump’s veto. Call them now (202) 224-3121.

2: Watch our latest video campaign and share it with your friends. There’s a lot of disinformation out there, so counter it with real arguments. It helps to see how this dangerous precedent could be abused not just today, but in the future as well. So help us spread the word by sharing our latest video: “Where does it end?” 

3: Fuel the next fight. The battle over Trump’s veto will be even bigger, and it’ll take even more work. We can’t do it without the support of dedicated Americans like you. Every dollar to donate to the cause is another person reached, another voice demanding action, and another friend in the fight. Help us turn up the heat. 

We should be proud of this victory. It’s proof that we do have the power to stand up for our ideals, norms, and institutions. The fight to strengthen our democracy is one we can – and will – win. But we must stay vigilant and demand our elected representatives honor the principles on which our nation was founded.

Thank You,

Evan McMullin

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