• on December 3, 2019

Today, Give the Gift of Democracy

For nearly three years, Stand Up Republic has worked tirelessly to build a nationwide, cross-partisan coalition to protect and strengthen our democracy. Thanks to dedicated SUR supporters and volunteers, that coalition is now represented in every state and in every Congressional district in the country. 

This ever-growing community reflects our sincere belief that when the American people dedicate themselves to protecting and improving our country, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish. But the big work lies in front of us.

That’s why this ‘Giving Tuesday,’ we’re asking you to give to the defense of American democracy. 

We’re rapidly approaching our first presidential election since suffering an unprecedented assault on our elections by a foreign adversary. And unfortunately, Congress just hasn’t done enough to fortify our elections. On top of that, divisive and unfit political candidates are coming out of the wordworks, using disinformation and corruption to fuel their campaigns for power.

These aren’t partisan problems, and neither are the solutions. We all have to fight for a better, more just future for our great nation, and 2020 is going to be a pivotal moment in that fight. We have to be at our strongest. 

Over the next year, America will look for a unifying leader to emerge from the presidential primaries, one that puts honest, practical policies above partisan politics, and the rule of law above personal power. 

In Congress, we need to identify candidates new and old who have proven that they will put country over party to support sensible solutions and hold the corrupt accountable.

And in our states, we need to advance reform measures that can improve our representation by protecting the power of our votes and incentivizing leaders with broad appeal and integrity.

All these political issues will be up for a vote in just under a year. But the groundwork required to shape and influence those debates and races has to start now. That’s why we need your help this ‘Giving Tuesday.’

This great experiment of human liberty has much more to prove. But if we don’t commit ourselves to it’s defense now, we risk losing it entirely. 

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