• on May 1, 2019

Trump’s Culture of Lies

A lie, it is said, can travel half-way around the world before the truth can get its boots on. That theory seems to be a central tenet of the Trump administration’s strategy for covering up it’s corrupt actions.


For a president who has now told more than 10,000 lies to the American people, this disdain for honesty and integrity is sadly to be expected. But the fish rots from the head, and Trump’s leadership has infected his entire administration with dishonesty.


Look no further than Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s recently released letter telling Attorney General Barr that he had fundamentally misrepresented his findings to Congress and the American people.


In an administration that’s default position is to deceive, deny and distract, the truth can only be extracted at a heavy price. We saw this again during Barr’s testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Special Counsel Mueller’s report. During the 5 hour hearing today, Barr deflected Senators’ questions about obstruction of justice, using legalese to flip questions around or avoid them altogether.


We can’t stand by and watch as the presidency sinks lower and lower into the depths of depraved, self-absorbed dishonesty. We have to hold this administration to the highest standards, not allow them to drag our government down to their level.


These are extraordinary times, where honesty and integrity are under attack by foreign adversaries and our own president. We’re worn out by the constant litany of misrepresentations, distractions, and flagrant falsehoods. We’ve heard so many lies we can’t keep track. But we have to fight on, we have to dig, we have to demand better. The truth, it’s said, will set you free. American liberty has always been predicated on it, and preserving one means protecting the other.

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