• on November 16, 2020

Trump’s fraud claims: Unsurprising but dangerous

President Trump and some of his most ardent supporters continue to deny the outcome of the 2020 presidential race. Democratic challenger Joe Biden is projected to defeat President Donald Trump by a sound margin of 306-232 electoral votes. On January 20th, 2021 at 12 pm, Joe Biden will be sworn in as President of the United States. 

President Trump and many of his supporters are not accepting defeat and are now going through great legal lengths trying to overturn the results of the election. The president’s legal team is relying on dubious fraud allegations in an attempt tod reverse the results in multiple states. 

The president and his allies believe Trump only lost because of voter fraud. Many of the allegations fail to pass even the lightest scrutiny. Because there are no substantial cases of voter fraud, the Trump legal team has set up various hotlines open to anyone to submit allegations. This has generated many responses. 

Trump and his team take respite in believing that because there are so many fraud allegations, at least some of them must be true. They confuse the quantity of allegations with the quality, viewing the many allegations as credible and strong when taken together. When the allegations are looked at individually, however, they do not hold water.

The Trump PR playbook requires a deluge of allegations to the public without any vetting. This leads to a spread of allegations that have already been disproven, such as the push to label absentee ballots of service members from Nevada as fraudulent because they weren’t living in the state at the time they cast their ballots. 

Other fraud allegations, already disproven or discredited, can be found in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona.

Trump and his allies seek to inundate the American public with talk of fraud until enough Americans become acquainted with and accept the lie that coordinated fraud led to President Trump losing the election. With the election over and vote counts soon-to-be certified, Trump’s wild gambit is unlikely to succeed.

President Trump’s rush to claim election fraud should not be surprising, as his political career is rife with claims of fraud any time he loses. When he lost the Iowa primary in 2016, he claimed Ted Cruz committed fraud and called for a new vote. When he lost the popular vote in the 2016 presidential election, he again claimed fraud was committed and organized the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity to search for evidence. No evidence of widespread voter fraud was ever found. Hell hath no fury like Trump scorned, for even when he won the presidential election in 2016, Trump went to great lengths to assuage his ego. The electoral headache the country is experiencing was created by the Trump team and not from real cases of voter fraud.

The United States is currently living in a moment of self-inflicted crisis. Despite all the allegations from President Trump and his allies, there was no wide-scale fraud that robbed President Trump of re-election. And while many elected Republicans know this to be true, they continue to humor the president by supporting him while he makes these wild claims. 

Ultimately, the true loser of the 2020 election will not be Donald Trump, but the American electoral system and American democracy. The efforts by Republicans to convince tens of millions of Americans that elections are rigged and meaningless does nothing but denigrate and erode the electoral system so carefully crafted for more than 200 years.

Joe Biden’s first term in office will be fraught with challenges, one of which will be how he will try to manage leading a country where tens of millions of people believe Trump’s claims that he was robbed of reelection. Passing meaningful electoral reform measures in the upcoming congressional cycle will undoubtedly be difficult.

Even with all the challenges that the Biden administration and our country face, Stand Up Republic will continue to fight for meaningful electoral reform. Despite many believing otherwise, the American people voted for change and improvement and we at Stand Up Republic will do our part to ensure that our elections are not only free and fair but vastly improved in the years to come.

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