• on July 16, 2019

Trump’s Racist Attacks Won’t Stop Until We Stop Him

The overt racism that has been on display in the past few days is not an aberration, it’s nothing new: this is who Donald Trump is.

Trump’s first serious foray into American politics was as a vocal promoter of the conspiracy theory that President Obama was not a US citizen. He later launched his 2016 presidential campaign using nativist, xenophobic rhetoric.

In the aftermath of his Twitter tirade, the President continues to be unconcerned with the impact that his words have, and that white nationalist groups are lauding him for this language, arguing that “many people agree with me.”

In typical Trump fashion, he’s happy to harbor support wherever he can get it, even from white supremacists, as long as it consolidates his power. This has changed the shape and direction of the Republican Party in dangerous ways.

During today’s House Republican leadership press conference, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was directly asked if the President’s comments were racist, to which he simply replied, “No.” Senator Lindsey Graham doubled down on Trump’s rhetoric, saying the “squad” of Congresswomen Trump attacked were “communists” and “anti-American”.

In his ranting, Graham argued that Trump should “aim higher” by just focusing on policy differences, but he and many others overlook the fact that the president is incapable of aiming higher; he is a racist and we should call a spade a spade.

We know that this will not be the last time Donald Trump spews racist attacks on his political opponents. So this is a time to choose; this is not about right or left, it’s about right and wrong. Once the Republican party chooses to go down this dark and dangerous road it will be nearly impossible to get back to our founding principle, that all men and women are created equal.

Trump is following the authoritarian handbook to the letter. He’s consciously working to divide the electorate along cultural and racial lines, and he thinks he’s succeeding. We cannot allow it. Immigrants are essential to prosperity, opportunity and security for all Americans. Our multicultural society is what makes our nation strong and Stand Up Republic will not stay silent when the President or anyone else espouses racist remarks.

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