• on February 6, 2019

Trump’s State of the Union; his most populist appeal yet

Tonight’s State of the Union address was the president’s most populist appeal to date. He cast opposition to him as antithetical to the national interest, ginned up irrational fear of immigrants, attacked law enforcement agents for investigating crimes committed by his campaign, and blamed outside forces for every one of his administration’s failings. In short, he railed against accountability and cloaked himself in misdirected appeals to patriotism and fraudulent invocations of fear.

Let’s be real: the state of the union is divided, and under continuous attack. The Kremlin continues their efforts to undermine our democracy, while the Trump administration does the minimum necessary to appear concerned with these hostile acts. Rather than fight for America’s democracy, the president would rather fight against those laboring to discover the full truth behind Moscow’s election attacks. And rather than work to bridge the divide in our country, the president’s words of comity were belied by partisan attacks.

America is stronger than our differences, and we are more than capable of handling the challenges that await us. But to do so, we must recommit ourselves to the principles and ideals that define our nation, and reject the populist appeals to fear and division.

Mike Ongstad
Communications Director
Stand Up Republic

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