• on May 7, 2019

Welcome our Latest Intern, Elizabeth Broderick

As someone who has followed Stand Up Republic’s work since its founding, I’m honored by the opportunity to be a small part of this team for the summer.I hail from Fullerton, California, about twenty minutes north of Disneyland and forty-five minutes (read: five hours with traffic) southeast of Los Angeles. I currently study American Studies at Brigham Young University with an emphasis on constitutional history and systems, particularly the First Amendment. I also enjoy studying worldwide religions and correlating religious freedoms. I plan to pursue a career in constitutional analysis and political writing, most likely working through issue-based nonprofits.


When I’m not geeking out over all things political or historical, I love to tour DC art museums and hit up musical theater or classical music events. The arts have enveloped and defined so much of my non-academic life. If you happen to visit DC this summer and see someone gaping at the gorgeous marble architecture while rattling off a bunch of random facts, that’s probably me. I also get daily updates on my mini Australian Shepherd, Sunny. That’s how much I want to be here, y’all—I left that fluffy dog at home with my family in South Jordan, Utah!


I wanted to work at Stand Up Republic because I appreciate its moral clarity in a time of never-ending chaotic national news cycles. I believe in American exceptionalism, conditional upon our integrity to the founding principles and freedoms that make it exceptional in the first place. Stand Up Republic champions these constitutional principles across partisan divides, which, while always needed, is especially needed now. Watching corruption go unchecked at the highest levels of government and simultaneously having a President casually dismiss the importance of constitutional norms such as free press, freedom of religion or expression, or the role of checks and balances in a free democratic system, among others, is heartbreaking to watch from the sidelines.


In spite of it all, I firmly believe that there is always hope, no matter how bad things get. In this country, we are not victims of irreversible fortunes. We can unite, we can act, and through persistence we can overcome our national challenges. I’m excited for this unique opportunity to not just react to news cycles, but rather take tangible, organized action. One of my favorite quotes of all time is from Edmund Burke, “All that is required for the triumph of evil is that good [wo]men do nothing.” I hope that I can make a difference by ‘doing something’ this summer as Stand Up Republic continues to publish information and organize events that encourage America’s elected officials and citizenry to stand up for liberty, equality, and truth.

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