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Welcome our Latest Intern, Pierre Saint-Perez

I’m a sophomore studying Ethics, History, and Public Policy, with an additional major in Science, Technology, and Public Policy, at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. Originally from Ithaca, NY, I grew up in the post-9/11 age, the United States has been in Iraq and Afghanistan for as long as I can remember. Climate Change has been a known threat for my whole life. But most importantly, over my lifetime, I’ve watched millions of people go from living in democracies to living in dictatorships masquerading as democracies. I’ve watched as elections have been bought by despots who disassemble the systems of checks and balances that were so carefully tuned by generations of our forbearers. Here, here is where we draw the line. The United States of America was envisioned as “The Great Experiment”. Here, modern democracy was born. If the American republic falls, then we will fall back into a dark age of dictators and feudal states warring over ever dwindling resources.

None of us chose to live in this time, as everything that we have built is in danger of tearing itself down. But we can make the most of it. We can do our duty to the ancestors on whose legacy we rest, and to the untold generations yet to be born. We can make our stand here, and now.

This is why I stand with Stand Up Republic

Pierre Saint-Perez, Intern