• on June 5, 2019

Welcome to our Latest Intern, Jack!

My name is Jack Merritt, Stand Up Republic’s newest intern for the summer of 2019!

I first became familiar with Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn through their 2016 presidential campaign, and I’ve been following them and Stand Up Republic ever since.

I was troubled and sad at what I was seeing from Donald Trump throughout the campaign, and this, of course, is only reinforced by what I see almost daily in his presidency. He cozies up to dictators and strongmen, gives a wink and nod to white supremacism, carelessly throws around terms like “treason” and “coup”, refuses to fully divest from his businesses, makes a mockery of our intelligence agencies, and incites anger at the so-called “fake news” wherever he goes, all while enjoying an unhealthy amount of executive time throughout the day.

Stand Up Republic struck me as an organization working to do some real good in this country amongst an upheaval of unethical and immoral behavior from the leader of the free world. In this hyperpartisan environment that we find ourselves in, some things should be common sense causes that all Americans can get behind.

Stand Up Republic works for such causes. Standing up for the independence of institutions, supporting a free and healthy press, working for accountable government, pushing electoral reforms, and fighting for an inclusive America are all great causes worth standing up for. With so much to do to counteract the behaviors emanating from the executive branch, how can any one of us sit on the sidelines? I wanted to be an intern at SUR this summer in order to help bring about change in this country. I’ll do all I can to make a difference, and I welcome the work ahead.

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