• on March 6, 2019

What happened at the National Summit for Democracy

There’s something refreshing – invigorating, even – about knowing that you are not alone in the fight to defend our democracy. That feeling of hope and enthusiasm was on full display last week as Stand Up Republic Foundation hosted the second annual National Summit for Democracy.

Former Congressman Carlos Curbelo addresses the summit.

Leading advocates, policy experts, and philanthropists at the national and state level from all parties united to address core challenges to America’s civic health including divisions across class, ethnicity and ideology, in our communities, the media, and Congress.

Expert panelists debate critical issues facing our country today.

More than 150 leaders, representing over 60 organizations participated in the Washington, DC-based Summit. Among the key working topics were:

  • Advancing electoral reforms
  • Mitigating foreign interference in elections
  • Combating disinformation
  • Improving the politics of immigration
  • Building a multicultural democracy
  • Countering corruption, and more! 

As expected in the public sphere, there was a healthy dose of disagreement and debate. Yet, the National Summit for Democracy stands apart with its earnest focus on working through differences to identify areas of common ground, along with the coalitions required, to advance real solutions. In that regard, this year’s summit was a resounding success.

Working groups address real dangers to American democracy.

At the end of the two-day summit, we asked participants if they thought our democracy would be stronger or weaker in five years. Almost four out of five of them said yes, we would be stronger as a nation. It wasn’t because of what’s happening in politics and news these days. It was because they all knew that, around their tables and around the country, there were patriotic Americans of every stripe, working together for the betterment of our great nation.

Proposals from working groups are deliberated by the attendees.

To all of our partners and participants, thank you. And to all of the supporters, advocates, and volunteers who work daily to strengthen civil society, America is forever in your debt. We rest easier knowing that so many people, from all walks of life, are united in this fight.

Attendees listen to keynote speeches from Senator Chris Coons, Congresswoman Kathleen Rice, Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele, and former Congressman Carlos Curbelo.

Next, the National Summit for Democracy may take its show on the road. We want to expand the field of civic leaders engaged in the fight for America’s future, defending core American ideals from the threat of unaccountable government.

Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele speaks to Selena Coppa, Stand Up Republic state lead for Washington.

That’s why we wanted to share this update with you, so you could see first hand how this important work is shaping up, and how you can help drive it even further. As you participate in our efforts to preserve our values and strengthen our institutions, you’re putting these thoughts and ideas into action, and creating a real opportunity for change in our country.

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