Advocating for ethical government that serves the people’s interests and is free of corrupt influence.

Keeping our Government Accountable

America’s founders knew all too well that freedom depends on self-rule, the principle where the governing class represents the people’s will. That’s why they enshrined checks and balances over every seat of power. Keeping our government accountable requires vigilance, fierce commitment to the rule of law, transparency, and limited executive power.

That’s why Stand Up Republic has worked to strengthen the legislative branch of government, ensuring oversight on an overreaching executive.

Putting Pressure on Congress

When the president abused his emergency powers to misappropriate money for his own political interests, we put the pressure on Congress, successfully demanding they vote to block his efforts. In addition to our everyday advocacy in Congress and state governments, SUR has repeatedly stood up in defense of our democratic institutions.

Our sister organization, SUR Foundation, hosts an annual summit dedicated to solutions-oriented, cross-partisan discussion of major challenges facing American democracy, and published original research and analysis into the state of American democracy, entitled “The Republic at Risk.”

Developing a Grassroots, Cross-Partisan Coalition

At the same time, SUR leads the development of a grassroots, cross-partisan coalition dedicated to preserving the rule of law in government.

We train and equip new pro-democracy advocates, hosting an annual fall Leadership Conference for grassroots leaders from around the country, including workshops and training programs to increase their effectiveness. Those efforts culminate in a day of advocacy where SUR representatives flood the halls of Congress to meet with their Senators and Representatives in support of key legislative proposals.

Defending Institutions and the Rule of Law

That focus on advocacy has helped us successfully defend American institutions and the rule of law. SUR campaigned tirelessly to ensure the completion of the special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Our multimedia and grassroots campaigns pushed back against the president’s attacks on the investigation and successfully lobbied the Senate Judiciary Committee to approve the Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act.

Exposing Extreme and Unfit Candidates

Lastly, Stand Up Republic engages in electoral advocacy to oppose the most extreme and unfit candidates for public office. Our campaign against Roy Moore of Alabama helped ensure that a candidate who failed even the most basic standards for public office never entered the Senate. Another campaign against the white nationalist Congressman Steve King gave him the closest race of his career. As new elections approach, SUR will continue to ensure that, regardless of party, we demand candidates who stand for our American values.

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