Promoting measures to secure and improve our elections, ensuring healthy political competition and citizen voting rights. 

Securing our Elections

If all else fails in our government, the Constitution gives the people one, ultimate power to protect liberty: elections. Ensuring that all Americans are empowered to vote means more than taking down barriers, it means improving the way we vote and securing the process.

Stand Up Republic has dedicated itself to advancing initiatives that protect America’s elections from foreign interference as well as domestic fraud and corruption. In 2018, our grassroots leaders and representatives lobbied Congress directly in support of a suite of legislation designed to protect free and fair elections nationwide.

SUR has signed on to broad, cross-partisan campaigns of support for election reform, lending our voice to support critical initiatives.

We have also run advocacy campaigns to push for reforms at the state and national level to ensure election security and integrity.

Reforming our Elections

The SUR electoral reform platform can be found in detail here. From non-partisan districting to ranked choice voting, these ideas will help ensure that the decisions of the people accurately reflect their preferences and that our electoral system does not reward extremism or divisive rhetoric.

SUR also supports a broader agenda of election security initiatives like a general requirement for disclosure of offers of assistance by foreign entities and a requirement for disclosure of foreign money in election campaigns, designed to prevent foreign interference in American elections.

Finally, we work for systemic reforms like a mandate for paper ballots, to preserve electoral integrity, and a federal grant program for states to replace their outdated voting systems.

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