Defending the independent press and fostering healthy media consumption essential for a free society. 

The freedom of the press and expression are essential to American democracy. But new technologies are introducing new threats to the free press and new stresses on our society. We must find a way to create a healthier media ecosystem without impinging on our first amendment rights.

To that end, Stand Up Republic is a leading source for research and discussion on media and disinformation. SUR Foundation has brought world leaders in information and media research together to discuss the intersection of technology, information, and speech. That work gave birth to the Defusing Disinfo project.

Defusing Disinfo

Defusing Disinfo, available to the public at, is an online platform dedicated to countering disinformation in media. Bringing together analysis from experts in a variety of disciplines, Defusing Disinfo is working towards non-partisan solutions to confront this growing challenge. Disinformation is one of the major weapons modern authoritarians use against democratic societies. It is used to exacerbate existing political partisanship and tribalism, to create chaos in the information environment, to cast doubt on the existence of objective truth, and ultimately to discredit democracy as a viable form of government.

Those dangers were on full display in the 2016 election, as foreign adversaries flooded our media ecosystem with disinformation. The techniques and technology which make it such a potent weapon will only get more sophisticated, meaning America needs answers now. SUR is committed to highlighting this crisis and amplifying ideas and solutions which can address the problem while respecting our rights.

Advocating for Press Freedom

SUR is a staunch advocate for press freedom, highlighting attacks on journalists and pushing back on efforts to undermine, punish, or criminalize journalism. Power is only held accountable when its activities are reported to the public, and we cannot afford to let political powers silence honest journalism.

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