Building an inclusive American society and a government representative of its citizens.

Promoting Pluralism and Multiculturalism

America has always thrived under the promise of liberty for all. But that promise is threatened when we ourselves are not committed to the principle of equality, or when ethno-nationalists stoke division and hatred.

Stand Up Republic works to promote a pluralist, multicultural society. This means ensuring the rights of all Americans are respected, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other distinguishing factors. It also means championing legislation designed to ensure equality under the law.

Advocating for Inclusiveness

SUR has used its grassroots network and multimedia expertise to effectively advocate for inclusiveness, and against bigotry. We consistently stand against efforts to demonize immigrants and refugees, and instead promote the value of lawful immigration and the innate human dignity of all.

We fought against the presidents’ attempted travel ban on Muslim majority countries, jointly filing an amicus brief as the Supreme Court considered the issue in 2017. SUR also leads a “Guaranteeing an Inclusive America” coalition of think tanks, advocacy organizations, and individuals who have joined together from across the political spectrum to assess how we can ensure the promise of America is accessible to all.

Calling Attention to Bad Actors

As part of our effort to mitigate disinformation, we produced public-health style videos showing how malign actors use cultural divisions and bigotry as a weapon, attempting to divide Americans along racial, religious, and other lines. To that end, we also highlight the repulsive rhetoric of bad actors in the US. In 2018 we ran a media campaign confronting Rep. Steve King (IA-4) for his nativism and bigotry, resulting in the closest contested re-election in his district in decades.

We also participate in broader efforts to promote a multicultural America, like the Aspen Institute’s Socrates Program, where SUR representatives discussed the challenge of illegal immigration and the integration of immigrants into the American cultural landscape, as well as the American Project at Pepperdine University, where we sought to discuss a more compassionate conservatism that is more inclusive for all Americans.

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