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Which Republicans have stood up to white nationalism

White supremacy is on the rise in America–from an alarming online presence on sites like 8chan and Gab to gatherings at Charlottesville and other neo-Nazi rallies to outright violence. The FBI currently lists hate crimes as “the highest priority” of its U.S. Civil Rights arm. In only 8 years, 175 people have been killed in explicit, high-profile white supremacist attacks. On Saturday, white supremacy claimed the lives of 22 individuals at an El Paso Walmart, one of the safest towns in the country.    The GOP has turned a blind eye to the white supremacist undercurrents in its base for too long. Too many of our representatives are writing off the El Paso shooting as yet another untraceable act of senseless violence by a disaffected American, blaming anything from mental illness to video games. However, a few have named and condemned the El Paso shooting for what it truly was.   SUR has compiled a list of these responsible Republican leaders, state and federal level alike, below. The statements are ordered chronologically by the statement’s proximity to the shooting. Check back for regular updates:   George P. Bush, 8/3/19 9:55 PM  Texas Land Commissioner       Asa Hutchinson, 8/4/19 9:32 AM Arkansas Governor     Ted Cruz, 8/4/19 1:53 PM United States Senator, Texas     Dan Crenshaw, 8/4/19 2:03 PM United States Congressman, Texas-02   Will Hurd, 8/4/19 10:30 AM United States Congressman, Texas-23   Cory Gardner 8/4/19 4:14 PM United States Senator, Colorado     John McCollister, 8/4/19 8:49 PM State Senator, Nebraska   Mitt Romney, 8/4/19 8:52 PM United States Senator, Utah       Jim Banks, 8/4/19 11:09 AM  United States Congressman, Indiana-03     Rob Portman, 8/4/19 5:30 PM United States Senator, Ohio     Tim Scott, 8/5/19 2:29 PM South Carolina Senator     John Curtis, 8/5/19 3:18 United States Congressman, Utah-03     Darin LaHood, 8/5/19 7:32 pm United States Congressman, Illinois-18