• on September 25, 2019

You Called for an Impeachment Inquiry, It Worked

Today, the House majority announced the formal initiation of an impeachment inquiry into the President of the United States. While it is deeply unfortunate that such a step is necessary, we are pleased that Congress finally appears to be rising to the responsibility it bears to uphold the Constitution and exercise oversight of the executive branch.

Stand Up Republic was one of the first national cross-partisan organizations to mobilize support for this step in response to repeated abuses of power by the President. It was a heavy decision, based on direct evidence from the Mueller Report and elsewhere of criminality, obstruction, and corruption. But even more worrisome than the President’s history of breaking the law for his own enrichment and power, was the possibility that he would engage in more and worse abuses of power if not held accountable, putting our liberty in grave danger.

That’s why we asked every Stand Up Republic member to join us in demanding that the House of Representatives take a stand for the rule of law and open an impeachment inquiry. You answered the call, flooding your representatives with phone calls and emails. Already, those efforts have paid off as several members of Congress slowly gained the courage to do their duty.

The flood gates on that slow progress burst wide open today. Just as we warned, the President took his lawless self-interest even further than before, attempting to extort a foreign government into helping his personal campaign. For the members in Congress who heard from SUR supporters, but still hesitated to act, this latest scandal finally showed them that we were right, and that the President must be held to account for his illegal and unamerican acts. 

The House majority’s announcement that a formal impeachment inquiry is now underway, is an appropriate first step in defending the rule of law and the Constitution. This is Congress’ obligation. But even in the face of wanton lawlessness, they’ve been afraid to take such a monumental step. Now they’ve heard our voices, they know what we expect of them. 

And with the President’s latest transgressions against America’s free elections and the healthy limits of presidential authority, they finally understand why we cannot wait. Stand Up Republic’s national membership was essential in conveying that message to Congress. And we will be no less vocal in shaping the impeachment inquiry and ensuring it moves ahead without bias or delay, but always in pursuit of facts, justice and liberty for all.

That, after all, is exactly what the rule of law is all about. And with your help, we will make sure Congress does its constitutional duty to the fullest.

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